Sheldon Zablow, MD

Author of
Your Vitamins Are Obsolete

Dr. Sheldon Zablow

As a physician with board-certifications in adult and child psychiatry, I have treated adults, adolescents and children with a wide variety of mental health challenges, often with associated medical conditions. I have resisted creating a website, content in the cocoon of my small medical practice. Then I wrote this book and my publisher told me I needed to develop an author’s website to promote it. In formulating this site, I wanted to present other ideas outside the field of vitamers and the nutrition of the immune system— such as parenting advice, science news, book reviews, child psychiatry recommendations, life hacks, etc. But I want you to read Your Vitamins Are Obsolete because it is full of important health information that will promote healthy living and healthy longevity. You will learn a lot, just as I did through the process of research and writing.

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