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Your Vitamins Are Obsolete

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Your Vitamins Are Obsolete

Your Vitamins Are Obsolete
The Vitamer Revolution: A Program for Healthy Living and Healthy Longevity
By Dr. Sheldon Zablow
Published by Hybrid Global Publishing
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In the title, “Vitamins” is short-hand for “multiple vitamin supplements” that are obsolete. Multivitamins are taken to achieve a health benefit or as inexpensive health insurance. Insurance against a possible missing nutrient in the diet that could contribute to any one of a number of illnesses. 

In sum, there is a deficiency of vitamers in our food, our supplements, and our bodies. Switching to B12 and folate in the vitamer forms can make a significant positive change in your health. The new knowledge you will acquire can help you make better choices for yourself and your loved ones and save your dollars from just being flushed away. By the end of the book, you will fully understand the importance of vitamers and how to use them for healthy living and healthy longevity. 

paperback | 214 pages | 9781948181860 | September 17, 2020