Sheldon Zablow, MD

Author of
Your Vitamins Are Obsolete

Dr. Sheldon Zablow

Dr. Zablow attended the University of Virginia on a wrestling scholarship, completed his pre-medical studies in 1973, and continued on to medical school there graduating in 1977. He began a pediatric internship at Emory University Medical School. Upon completion, he pursued his residency in psychiatry at Boston University Medical School from 1978-80. In 1980, Dr. Zablow began an advanced fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Children’s Hospital through Harvard University Medical School.

During his Fellowship, Dr. Zablow started a private practice in adult psychiatry and emergency psychiatry consultation at several Boston psychiatric facilities and completed his fellowship in 1982. That same year he passed his Board Certification in Adult Psychiatry and in 1986 passed the board examination for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr. Zablow moved to San Diego in 1982 and started a practice in adult, child, and forensic psychiatry. Dr. Zablow has supervised Fellows in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry as an Assistant Professor (voluntary) at the University of California San Diego Medical School for thirty years, receiving two teaching awards.

Dr. Zablow had the privilege of flying out onto the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and speaking directly with active duty parents about their family concerns.

As his practice progressed, Dr. Zablow developed a clinical interest in how micronutrients contribute to psychological and neurologic health. He will use this platform to explore the developments in the new medical science called Nutritional Psychiatry and its connection to healthy gene expression (epigenetics) and unhealthy chronic inflammation