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The Nutriepigenomics of COVID Symptom Progression

Mar 09, 2022 by Dr. Sheldon Zablow

Nutriepigenomics, also known as nutrigenetics, is the study of how the intake of dietary or supplemental micronutrients positively affects the epigenetic expression of genes. Optimal genetic expression regulates our individual health in many ways, one of which is improving the health of the immune system. In a blog written last year, COVID Supplementation Beyond Vitamin D—Bioactive B Vitamers, I shared a developing consensus that optimal blood levels of the vitamins B12 and folate, could ameliorate the short and long-term course of COVID complications.

B-Vitamin Deficiency Based Maternal Mortality —A Public Health Challenge

Mar 09, 2022 by Dr. Sheldon Zablow

The foundation of the health of the public and of public health programs is optimal nutrition. The foundation of nutrition is the ample intake of the essential vitamins, the most essential of which are B12 and folate. Interventions implemented to improve health across the lifecycle are based on getting the necessary nutrients to those populations at risk. Any factor—dietary, monetary, genetic, environmental, supplemental, iatrogenic—that contributes to a deficiency of either of these two vitamins will reduce the response to any public health or medical intervention. A few examples follow.

The COVID and Birth Control Pill Blood-Clot Connection Explained

Apr 23, 2021 by Dr. Sheldon Zablow

There have been concerns expressed about COVID vaccines possibly contributing to the rare development of blood clots (thromboemboli). As part of this discussion, the greater frequency between birth control pills (BCP) and blood clots has been mentioned as have the increased frequency of blood clots associated with the COVID infection itself and the even greater frequency of complications if pregnant. These COVID clots cause the complications of reduced pulmonary function, strokes, micro strokes, pulmonary emboli, heart attacks, and even COVID toes. What is not mentioned is the cause of these emboli— increased blood viscosity. Keep in mind that the onset of blood clots, thrombogenesis, is multifactorial and it just takes one small additional factor among many to thicken the blood enough to set off the cascade of clot formation.

Ten little known essential facts about the partner vitamins B12 and folate

Ten little known essential facts about the partner vitamins B12 and folate
Jan 26, 2021 by Dr. Sheldon Zablow

Your health is at risk if you are not aware of some essential facts about essential B12 and folate. The risk is that without optimal levels of these two B vitamins, chronic inflammation increases the risk of developing illnesses such as cancer, dementia, obesity, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease, strokes, etc. B12 and folate must be in their natural bioactive forms to be used by cells for every biochemical activity including gene expression, energy production and cleansing of cellular waste products.These B vitamins are required for all other positive health interventions to succeed, e.g., if someone took vitamin D and calcium to strengthen bones but were missing B12 and folate, osteoporosis would still develop.

COVID Supplementation Beyond Vitamin D—Bioactive B Vitamers

Oct 13, 2020 by Dr. Sheldon Zablow

Recently Vitamin D has been noted as a nutrient that can reduce the severity of COVID outcomes. Rarely mentioned is the importance of the most essential of the essential vitamins B12 and folate (B12/F). In their bioactive (vitamer) forms, these two vitamins are critical to the efficient biochemical functioning of cellular energy production, waste management (homocysteine reduction) and optimization of the inflammatory response through DNA epigenetic methylation. A deficiency of B vitamers causes a worsening of any medical illness particularly whole-body viral infection (sepsis). Without enough B12/F all treatments will not work well, for example, you can have plenty of Vitamin D and calcium but still develop osteoporosis. [B12/F are co-vitamins and can only work well when there is enough of both.]

Vaccinations Against COVID Are In Your future— Understanding Vaccinations From the Past

Vaccinations Against COVID Are In Your future— Understanding Vaccinations From the Past
May 13, 2020 by Dr. Sheldon Zablow

With a COVID vaccination sometime in your future, studying the origins of vaccinations in the past is essential for understanding how we got to the present.